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Welcome to our website, "Robotech Mj". We are very happy for you visit our website. "Robotech Mj" website is one of the best website for technical products review and technical news. It is wonderful to have you here. 

About Our Website :

Our website "Robotech Mj" is about technical products review website. Here you will also get "Technical news, Windows Tutorials, Android and iPhone Tutorials, Editing Details, ETC. Here, in our website, you will also get coupons and deals option, giveaway option, ETC. We hope you like our website. 

About Us :

This website, "Robotech Mj' is made by Mritunjoy Biswas, who is this website's admin. This is basically Mritunjoy Biswas's own website and basically all the post of this website is created by him. 

Mritunjoy Biswas is 21 year old boy. He is a college student. Basically he is studying English literature and civil software engineering. He lives in a city of India name, Kolkata. You can contact him through Facebook and Instagram.

"Mritunjoy Biswas"

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